Family Ties Memory Archives


Family Ties makes it easy for you to Capture, Preserve and Share your Memories, Documents, Relations, Legends, Stories and Life's Experiences.

Your family's memories, genealogy and history are captured and preserved in a manner that allows them to be shared with your immediate family and your descendants. Family Ties has been designed to share your memories, genealogy and history with your grandchildren's great-grandchildren.

You can not share your Memory Archive with your Grandchildren's Great-Grandchildren if the Archive does not have a measure of Permanence and Retention. We use a variety of technologies and processes to help insure the permanence and retention of your Memory Archive.

Your Family Ties Memory Archive is YOUR's. You have complete control. You decide what can be seen by visitors and you approve who get copies (share) of your memories and what memories they can have. You decide the order in which the memories are displayed. Your Memory Archive can be divided into an unlimited number of albums or catagories and every memory, document, legend, story or experience can be linked to other related websites. 

There are no limits. No limits on storage space, no limits on the number of memories, pictures, audios, or videos. No limit on the number of visitors or the number of shared memories.

And no annual fees.

Family Ties Memory Archives is designed to take full advantage of today's on line technologies. On line genealogy and historical websites and databases (Family Search, Find My Past, Find a Grave, Ancestry, government archives and many more) should be linked to your related memories, documents, legends, stories and life experiences.

And today's latest technology like Google Voice to dictate a description of a memory or Microsoft Skype to record memories of remote friends and family members make the capturing of memories quick and easy.

The following describes some of the capabilities provided by Family Ties Memory Archives. We look forward to you being a Family Ties Memory Archive member and working together to build your family's archive.